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The 90s Trends are making a comeback!

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The 90s Trends are making a comeback! - Aashi Beauty

Trends come and trends go and that’s what life is like. However, the ‘90s were a time that you cannot easily forget. When butterfly clips were essential, brown lipsticks and denim on denim was cool!

Sometimes we look back at a few of these makeup trends and realize that  they fit like a glove into our modern lives. Now that’s not to say that all makeup trends from the ’90s should come back but if you’re bored during this quarantine and want to relive the old times, we’ve put together a list of makeup trends for you to try.


Glossy Lips



Clear shimmery lips were so popular in the 90s! Every girl had a lip gloss in her purse. They would add a youthful pop to your everyday makeup look. However, lip glosses disappeared from the market for a very long time as a variety of new trends  emerged over the years. They were now considered sticky, messy, and difficult to apply as matte lipsticks took over the shelves.

 Recently, glossy lips have made a big comeback! It’s a great way to look glamorous without putting in so much effort.

Body Glow

No one other than Queen Rihanna was the reason why this trend made a comeback. When Rihanna says body glitter is cool, it IS! Not only does it gleam but it also leaves you with a subtle bronzed look. Today this sparkly trend has made its comeback and is done by simply highlighting certain areas of your body. It leaves you with a healthy radiant-looking glow!

Colourful eyes



Vivid eyeshadows were such a hit back in the day! Chalky pastel shades covering eyelids, making a bold statement. You can try this trend with a smudge of vivid colored eyeshadow against your last line as it blends in with a fading effect. You can jazz up your regular smoky eye look by adding a hint of color to it. Be bold & elegant!


No makeup- Minimal makeup look

SOURCE: Michèle
Stepping out with an au naturel makeup look can make your face look more subtle and structured. Use a no-makeup look to make your face look bolder, more defined, and glowing. Use a sheer foundation and top it off with a subtle powder brown accent and a gold highlighter. Rock this sunkissed look effortlessly and look fresh as a flower!

Crimped Hair

Tousled, bouncy and youthful as ever! Although crimped hair slowly lost its popularity over time, it’s the year to resurrect this beautiful style. You can opt-in for flowy, carefree loose crimps or style it the way you like. There are various professional crimpers out there like Aashi Beauty x Pink Orchid Studio Professional micro hair crimper. that will give you crimped hair that you will love!
Our preferences, tastes and styles have evolved since the ’90s but it’s fun to look back and reminisce about the good old times. If you’re planning to dress up for the 90s themed birthday party or just want to enjoy the nostalgia, we hope these styles will help you.



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