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Top 4 tips to healthy beautiful hair!

Posted by Aashi Beauty Admin on
Top 4  tips to healthy beautiful hair! - Aashi Beauty

Hair care must have as its main objective to make them as fragile as possible: their beauty and their shine, in fact, are closely related to their resistance. A fragile hair tends not only to fall, but, before that, to split into two, causing unsightly split ends

So what do you do to make the hair shaft more resistant? First, you need to avoid cosmetic treatments that damage your hair, such as perms (which in many do just in the summer so you don't have to do the styling when it's hot) and bleaching. Now that your hair is already stressed by the summer sun, don't put them to the test anymore! To prevent hair breakage / hair loss, minimize even the discharging plates and the hair curls: the warmth of these instruments, in direct contact with the hair, makes it very weak!



 1 - Hair care: a healthy and varied diet 

How to grow healthy hair? Obviously you can't do without a balanced diet, complete with all the nutrients. Even the main hair supplements, in fact, contain a mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Nutrition for healthy hair, in particular, involves a good dose of iron, to be taken not only with meat and legumes: there are "unsuspected" foods that contain large quantities, such as clams and extra-dark chocolate! 

2 - Choose the right products! 

Nowadays there are all types of hair care products and for all needs: shampoos, conditioners, greasy, dry, thin, curly, colored hair creams, etc. Therefore, it is forbidden to buy the first product that happens to you! Having the right shampoo to use for hair washing, day after day, can save your hair and is one of the main hair loss remedies. And this also applies to men, because there are specific lines for them too. 

3 - The time of washing and drying 

For hair care, this phase is essential. In this regard, the myth according to which frequent washing damages hair is dispelled: in reality you can also wash them every day, especially if you suffer from excess sebum. That being said, here are some small hair-saving tricks to follow:     always comb them before wetting them, to reduce the formation of knots and the consequent obligation to have to untangle them laboriously, damaging them    dab them before drying them, to prevent them from breaking through a sort of "cooking" effect. Even the time of drying is very important. How to take care of your hair during this phase?     Do not use the hair dryer at high temperatures and do not pull it too close. And then, hair care also includes rules for the use of brush and comb: never brush your hair too long (the 100 recommended brush strokes of the grandmothers they are not so healthy!).     do not bother them, otherwise the cuticles will break off. 

4 - Healthy and strong hair: a remedy from nature 

There are several natural remedies for hair care. To fortify them, you can try this: prepare a pack made with 1 ripe avocado (well crushed with a fork) and 1 egg yolk. Apply it on the hair and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing and washing the hair thoroughly. Guaranteed result!


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