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Halloween inspired hair looks

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Halloween inspired hair looks - Aashi Beauty

Halloween inspired hair looks

' Are you looking for the easiest but most beautiful halloween inspired hair look? now we tell you how to make hairstyles for a perfect look for a Halloween party with wild dancing or at home with friends. Also because hair is essential to complete our Halloween look. So whether it's a hairstyle or a wig, we find the best way to complete our fearful look. Finding a wig is not difficult, we can also buy it comfortably online on the most popular online shopping sites, such as Amazon for example. Or we can use tufts and other hair accessories that we commonly find on sale at Accessorize and H&M, to complete our Halloween make-over.


Witch hair


The witch has a sophisticated but at the same time wild look. You can choose to comb your hair or make it electric with frisè, for a cool witch. If you really want to be frightened, all you have to do is lay down and fix the extra frizzy look - which we usually flee - with a touch of lacquer. Dry your hair upside down with the hair dryer for a swollen and vaporous effect. The witch, even the one with the most refined make-up, has crazy, long, windy hair. Cult object: the black hat, which can never be missing.


Devilish hair



The woman of the devil, contrary to what the saying suggests, focuses attention on the red and fleshy mouth and on the look and lets the head be ordered. To make room for a red circle with two small horns sprouting, the hair should be pulled back with a wet-effect gel and left loose on the shoulders. The tail is also excellent, very tight and high, if the hair is very long, as long as the forehead is free.


Fairy hair from the woods


The woodland fairy is the one that requires the most elaborate and less dark look. You can obviously bet on loose hair, better if wavy or frisè and with the middle row, but given the important make-up it is better to focus on a gathered hairstyle with hair that falls randomly, with braids raised on the sides or on a disheveled bun and on a cascade of flower-curled ringlets and hairpins.


Focus on special volumes and don't forget the accessories: headbands with intertwined leaves, buds in your hair, twigs, butterflies on the foliage, which should never be smooth but always moving, fluffy and with colors that recall nature (you can use a quick bath of color, following our advice!) auburn, brown or blond. Special touch: a spray that polishes the hair and some golden glitter.


Vampire hair For the vampire look, since they will be crosses and sharp teeth to characterize your face, you can instead indulge yourself. Excellent the fake look disheveled, backwards, but also the harvest with chignon. The vampire is sexy, but it can go well with both loose and short hair, as long as the head is shiny. So before leaving, don't forget a double dose of an excellent glossy product.

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