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Product Feature: Titanium Collection

Posted by Aashi Beauty Admin on
Product Feature: Titanium Collection - Aashi Beauty

Introducing our Titanium collection. With 5 barrels to choose from, we’ve created options that are suitable for every hair type and style! Titanium is a material that is preferred by most professionals, as it creates long-lasting curls. Similar to ceramic materials, the negative ions smooth hair follicles reducing frizz and increasing shine, while heating up quickly and reaching high temperatures. Although everyone can use the Titanium barrels, it is recommended for those that have thick, coarse, and textured hair types. If you are someone that struggles to keep a curl or wave in your hair, then this collection is for you! You’re welcome. 

Our Titanium collection is available in the following barrel sizes: 25mm (1”) wand, 32mm (1.25”) wand, 25mm (1”) clamp, 32mm (1.25”) clamp, 38mm (1.5”) clamp. You can purchase each barrel individually, or purchase one of our 3 sets. Be sure to visit our website to see the options. 


Before we get into the barrels, it’s important to know how to use each barrel to achieve the desired style you’re going for. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when styling your hair:

  • To change the barrel, ensure the device is unplugged and turned off, and the current barrel is cooled off. Simply hit the rose gold button, pull out the barrel, and push in the one you want to use. 
  • Use heat protection in your hair prior to styling! Please protect your hair, as you would with your skin. 
  • Section your hair in 1” parts when styling it. Depending on how thick/thin your hair is, you can add more hair, or do smaller sections. The key is to be consistent with the amount of hair you take each time you’re going to style it. 
  • Hold your hair on the barrel for 10-15 seconds. Again, depending on how thick/thin your hair is, you can hold it for longer or shorter. You could also touch your hair (very very carefully) while it’s on the barrel. if you feel the heat coming through, it’s ready to be taken off. 
  • Wait for your hair to completely cool down, before brushing it out. This way, your hair will maintain the shape you’ve created.

Now that we’ve covered how to use each barrel, let’s meet them!


First up, our 25mm (1”) wand:

She is the barrel that will help you achieve beautiful soft Hollywood waves or defined curls. She is amazing when styling your hair, depending on how much hair you use, and how long you hold it on the barrel.


 25mm (1") Wand | Espresso clip-in hair extensions


Second up, meet the 32mm (1.25”) wand:

She has range & versatility. She knows how to create big bouncy beachy waves, subtle softer waves, and beautiful big curls. She knows how to create long-lasting beautiful hairstyles, and knows what she brings to the table. She is the wand that everyone loves to use and is the most popular among the crowd.

 32mm (1.25") Wand | Jet Black clip-in hair extensions

Next, our 25mm (1”) clamp:

She is a classic. She has been around for years, long before wands existed. She is one of the first of her kind, that’s right - she is the pioneer of all curling irons! Clamp curling irons have been around since the 1950s. So, believe us when we say, the 25mm (1”) clamp knows she’s the girl that changed history forever. Like many clamps, she can be a little hard to understand at first, but once you’ve got to know her, she will change your hair game forever. She creates beautiful bouncy, classic, defined curls!

 25mm (1") Clamp | Jet Black clip-in hair extensions

Next, meet the 32mm (1.25”) clamp:

She is easily becoming the next *it* girl. She glides through your hair ensuring a shiny, frizz-free finish. She creates effortless beachy waves and beautiful bouncy curls. 

32mm (1.25") ClampNatural Black clip-in hair extensions

Lastly, meet the beautiful 38mm (1.5”) clamp:

Now, this girl is underrated and often overlooked. She creates the most beautiful bouncy curls and mimics the classic blowout hairstyle. She builds volume and long-lasting results. If you want to create the saloon perfect blowout hairstyle, without putting your arms through a workout and risking getting your hair stuck in the brush - this is the barrel for you. Be prepared for your hair game to change.

 38mm (1.5") ClampNatural Black clip-in hair extensions 

Our Titanium Collection is perfect for all hair enthusiasts and is ideal for those with thick, coarse hair which can be often hard to style. Made with a beautiful rose gold titanium material, these barrels will create shiny, long-lasting, frizz-free results. Now that you’ve met each barrel, and got to know their personality, you can choose which options to try. Happy hair styling!

PS - our Titanium barrels are interchangeable with our Multi-Functional Curler!

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