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May 09 2022 - 5 Min Read

Top 5 Best Hair Masks That Won't Break the Bank

What is the difference between deep conditioning with a hair mask and just using a conditioner? Firstly, conditioning your hair brings back moisture into the hair and locks it in. We all need that moisture...

Apr 20 2022 - 5 Min Read

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends!

Spring 2022 Heres everything you need to know about upcoming fashion trends. Whats in now? Well we are here to tell you! Bright Colours! Spring is always associated with bright colours and pastels. So what...

Apr 07 2022 - 5 Min Read

Spring Trends: All things for Skincare This Spring Season!

Spring 2022 Skincare trends Microdose your acids! 2020 was the year that skincare blew up because everyone just wants to take care of their skin. Almost everyone is starting to incorporate acids and retinol in...

Apr 07 2022 - 5 Min Read

How to Clean and Disinfect your Hair Tools and Hair Brushes.

How to Clean and Disinfect your Hair Tools and Hair Brushes? What is a hair routine without your hair tools, hot tools (curling iron/flat iron) and hair accessories? In today's time, there are so many...

Mar 01 2022 - 5 Min Read

How to wash your clip in hair extensions!

How to wash your clip in hair extensions! If you ever wondered if hair extensions can be washed, the answer to that question is YES! Our Aashi Beauty hair extensions line is proudly made with...

Feb 23 2022 - 5 Min Read

3 Ultimate Spring Hair Trends for 2022: Hailey Bieber Inspired Hair

It’s time to make the transition from Winter to Spring. So let’s get you a head start on what is in!  We’ll talk about Spring 2022’s hair, skincare and clothing trends that you would want...

Feb 10 2022 - 5 Min Read

7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Valentines Day  Don’t freak out but Valentine’s Day is around the corner (in 10 days to be exact). Don’t freak out! We’ve got you covered! If you haven’t purchased a...

Nov 20 2021 - 5 Min Read

1 Tool with Endless Hair Styles, 38mm Clamp Curls, 32mm Barrel, 25mm Barrel Styles

Through the years we have had a loyal following for our Multi-Functional Curler. Can you blame them for loving it so much? It's the perfect tool for someone who LOVES to curl their hair but...

Oct 04 2021 - 5 Min Read

Classic Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Aashi Beauty offers high quality and affordable hair extensions & innovative styling tools! Besides working with various talented influencers all over the world, we also collaborate with numerous hair and makeup artists locally and internationally. COVID...